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Ms. Zuzanna Wojcik, MAPS

Zuzanna is a registered Psychologist with an additional specialist endorsement in the area of Educational and Developmental Psychology. She is also a registered supervisor for psychologists training and working in this field.


Zuzanna has worked extensively in the area of multidisciplinary early intervention support services for children with additional developmental needs, and also as part of government funded children's services.


Since graduating as a psychologist in 2004 from the University of Melbourne, she has gained highly specialized skills in the area of multidisciplinary diagnostic assessments of children, in particular Autism Spectrum Disorder assessments.


Zuzanna has extensive experience in assessing young children's general development, social-emotional skills, behaviour and learning. She has worked extensively with families from diverse backgrounds and with children with a wide range of diagnosed conditions and developmental needs. Through her previous work experiences, Zuzanna has developed extensive knowledge of many intervention strategies, and has further participated in additional training in the SCERTS, ACT-NOW, the Pyramid Model, and The Greenspan Floortime approaches for supporting developmental needs of young people. Zuzanna has a particular interest and passion for facilitating positive early care and early intervention for children to optimize their future developmental outcomes.


Zuzanna works within the family-centered, strength-based family support framework, which aims to empower families to support their own unique needs and the needs of their children, and build on their strengths. Zuzanna has also developed extensive experience in working with preschools, childcares, and primary schools, in supporting the developmental needs of children enrolled in these services.


Zuzanna is additionally skilled in providing psychological intervention for a wide range of needs, such as anxiety, emotional-regulation problems, social skills training, challenging behaviours, sleep difficulties, low self-esteem and confidence, and specific academic and adaptive learning problems. She has had training and experience in conducting psychoeducational assessments, and in assessments required for additional funding support for children who may need extra support within their educational setting. 


Zuzanna has had many years of experience in providing individual and group counselling support for parents. Zuzanna has been particularly involved in supporting parents in dealing with additional challenges involved in caring for children with additional needs or disabilities. For many years, Zuzanna has also provided psychological support for parents around their child's diagnosis, and has also been involved in facilitating MyTime supported playgroups.



Zuzanna has been a full member of the Australian Psychological Society since 2004.